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To help encourage the continuation of the "trailblazers' legacy" of Oakland, where trends are created and boundaries are redefined, Oaklandish has created the Oakland Innovators Award. These are the Third Annual grants given to organizations and individuals that are doing pioneering work in our community. These funds are meant to offer recognition and support of programs that exemplify the values of innovation and progress in all areas of civic life, including arts, education, technology, and business. This year, we're fortunate to be able to give away $25,000 in Innovators Award grants (separately, we will announce a $5,000 award for our Arts-In-Action grant). With your help, we hope to be able to grow this program for 2010!

This year's Oaklandish Innovators Award recipients are:

The Kung Fu school Kajunekbo Kwoon was opened in North Oakland in 2006. The Oaklandish Innovators Award grant of $5,000 will help fund the Kung Fu Grocery Summer Camp. The goal of this neighborhood-based project is to give kids ages 6-16 the opportunity to practice Kung Fu and learn practical skills to earn their own money. The program includes Kung Fu workouts and other sports activities, math practice, and cooking healthy snacks to sell at the student-run store. The grant will provide stipends for youth leaders and scholarships for students. Contact sifukate.hobbs [at] gmail.com for more information.

This project, started in 2008, exists to celebrate women and girls' voices and empower more women and girls through music. The Camp includes instrument and voice lessons, self-defense classes, other aspects of music production, and Image and Identity workshops. The Bay Area Girls Rock Camp also plans to implement an instrument lending program and is committed to remaining a long-term fixture in the Oakland Arts Community. The Innovators Award grant of $2,500 will go toward defraying tuition costs for the 2009 summer session.

Town Park was created by a group of conscientious Oakland residents who recognized the need to provide Oakland youth with a safe and legal place to skate. Spearheaded by Keith "K-Dub" Williams, their goal is to legitimize the popularity of skateboarding among urban youth by creating a skate park within Oakland, allowing the youth to stay in the community and not be criminalized for skating in public places. In addition to providing free skate access to all skill levels and age groups, Town Park will host special community events, such as the Hood Games, as well as provide skate camps, clinics, professional demos and amateur to professional competitions. The Oaklandish Innovators Award of $5,000 will help fund the "Cabeza Project" in which selected local artists will paint/decorate thirty skateboard helmets for an art exhibition. Afterward, the helmets will be worn in competition at Town Park.

This 10-year-old grassroots organization works for social and environmental justice through bicycle, environmental, nutrition education, community gardening programs, and just resource allocation. The Oaklandish Innovators Award will help fund an Earn-A- Bike program at Edna Brewer Middle School Bike Club and a project of creating and selling "bike art" to raise money for an overnight bike/ camping trip. The Innovators Award grant of $2,500 will help equip Cycles of Change to give away 40 bikes, helmets, and locks.

This membership-based community organization has been building a powerful voice for Oakland's low-income tenants and workers since 1999. Just Cause Oakland works to develop leadership skills in Oakland residents to advocate for housing and jobs as human rights, and to mobilize for policies that produce social and economic justice. The Oaklandish Innovators Award grant of $2,500 will help fund Just Cause Oakland's bilingual community newspaper "Just Causes." The purpose of this publication is to bring new people from specific neighborhoods into the grassroots movement for social justice, and provide working-class Oaklanders with updated information about housing issues and other local resources.

This is an interfaith youth education and jobs program whose mission is to empower and transform the lives of homeless and low-income youth. The Oaklandish Innovators Award grant of $2,500 will help fund the project "Healthy Bollards, Benches, and Turn-A-Rounds," in which homeless and low-income youth will work with Bay Area artists to create permanent outdoor art benches focused on the theme of health. This is a key historical and social issue that references the health- related outreach done by the Black Panthers in the communities where the art benches will be created. The benches will be exhibited at the Oakland Airport before being put at their permanent sites in North Oakland.

Founded by Tyrone Stevenson Jr., this grassroots movement seeks to empower youth through the artistic re-creation of bicycles. The Scraper Bike movement gives East Oakland youth a positive outlet that is fun, educational, and promotes healthy lifestyles. The goal is to support youth entrepreneurship and cultural innovation. True to its legacy as an origin of pioneering movements, Oakland is the one and only birthplace of the Scraper Bikes. The Scraper Bike movement could have only been founded in Oakland -- where the everyday and the discarded is rendered beautiful and uplifting through the creative hustle of its citizens.
The Oakland Museum of California and Oaklandish have collaborated with some of the 2009 Oakland Innovators Award winners to create a public art exhibit at our own Oakland Airport (fly OAK!). The exhibit is up now through April 3 and is being displayed in the walkway leading to security in Terminal 1 and in the connecting walkway between Terminals 1 and 2. Featured organizations include: Town Park, Original Scraper Bikes, and Youth Spirit Artworks. This exhibit is made possible through the generous support of the Port of Oakland and Oakland International Airport.
Click here to read the curatorial statement for the show:
This Friday, March 6 is the very popular monthly ArtMurmur. The Great Wall of Oakland, the city's very own digital canvas, screens "Visions of Oakland: Then and Now" on Friday, March 6 at 7PM. Located on a 100'x100' concrete wall near the intersection of West Grand and Broadway (behind Luka's Taproom), the Great Wall will project a visual exploration of Oakland's city streets from the early 1900's to today. Starring performers include Turf Feinz, Scraper Bikers, Oaklandish, the Oakland Women's Rowing Club and many others. The screening is free and open to the public. Open to the public and visited by hundreds of local and visiting art enthusiasts, these concurrent exhibits are not to be missed. For a list of the reception locations and maps, go to:
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