Return of Nonchalance??
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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 17:01:44 -0700 (PDT)
: : The Submergence & Eventual Resurgence of Divine Nonchalance : :
: : A personal message from Oaklandish founder Bobby Peru : :

As those who were there in the beginning will recall, before there was Oaklandish there was a little thing called "Nonchalance." It was clear then that the initial creative impulse was more about high- concept art capers than about "reppin' the town." Discerning members of the general public may have been wondering -- whatever became of it? Did the movement simply evaporate? Did founder Bobby Peru slip off the face of the Earth? Crushed under pressure? Moved to Marin???

Intrigue, mystery, and speculation have surrounded the founders of Oaklandish for years. What started out as a clandestine covert-pop street-art campaign then morphed into another form; yes, something else entirely. There was drama, histrionics, and innuendo! Names were called, and feelings hurt! So, what exactly happened to that initial spirit of innocence & inspiration? Will we ever experience Divine Nonchalance again???

Now your questions are to be answered. The crusade is back ten-fold, opened for YOU to interface with directly, and indirectly. To once again become exposed to the glory of Divine Nonchalance, the most direct route would be to dial: 415.325.4014

Or, just show up at: 580 California Street, Suite 1607, San Francisco, CA. (Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5:30pm). Just ask the receptionist for "The Jejune Institute." Then, you will be handed a key to both the future & the past. Otherwise, there are a thousand miniscule inroads. The keen observer may begin to notice clues popping up around them, all the time. When presented with such stimuli, it would be wise to follow your sense of curiosity. As we said in the beginning; For those dark horses with the spirit to look up and see, a recondite family awaits.

Ever yours,
Bobby Peru
to be informed of future intelligence
regarding divine nonchalance
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