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Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 12:05:02 -0800 (PST)
-- Hello Again Oakland --
In this report we've got:
- 2 new exhibit openings
- a preview of our summer calendar
- a call to arms to get down w/ us!
::::: READ ON! ::::::
" HABITAT; We Live Here "
February 24th - April 19th at the Oakland International Airport
The Oakland Museum presents a group showcase of four leading local galleries,
featuring installations by Oaklandish, Liminal, Lobot, and 21 Grand.
(Many thanks to Kelsey Nicholson, who produced our piece, "Birds Eye View")
So, when you're traveling through OAK in the next couple months, check it out!

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts presents "Black Panther Rank & File"
A retrospective of artifacts & artworks reflecting the legacy of the BPP.
(Featuring a gigantic wall installation by Jeff Hull of Oaklandish)
Opening Night Party: Fri, Mar 17, 8–11 pm
First Floor Galleries: Mar 18 – Jul 2, 2006

Lil Shout Out: DeeJay Mashup @ The Golden Bull
Saturday February 25th: a night of dancehall with 2 premiere Bay Area DJ's
Selecta Kurious & Smoke-One, 10pm - 2am, 21+, $6 Cover

**YES: the Summer Games of Oaklandish are ON!**
The return of the Liberation Drive-In, Downtown Capture the Flag Games,
Oddball party locations/picnics/campouts/screenings, Oakslander Vol III, and ever so much more.
It is our civic duty to bring joy, spontaneity, and content to the streets of Oakland!
(( See, it's SO MUCH MORE than wearing a T-Shirt; you gotta LIVE IT!! ))

Here's where we need your participation:
- Story & Artwork contributions to the Oakslander Zine
- Film & Video submissions for this Summer's Drive-In screenings
- Male & Female models who want to rock our brand for upcoming photoshoots
- Production Assistants & Interns to work our summer events
( Get experience, school credit, serve community hours, & pick up some free gear).

Send submissions, samples, photos & statements of interest to: summer [at]
or mail to Oaklandish, PO BOX 11545, Oakland CA 94611

TankYu, TankYu, TankYu,
& stay tuned for plentiful seasonal goodness!

Bobby Peru

Nonchalance presents...
Bobby Peru's Eclectro/Magnetic: JERKMUSIC
bringing brazilian, afrobeat, postpunk, no-wave, glitch-pop, & esoterica
in high fidelity 60 minute episodes.
Weekly from Oakland, CA
((( in stereo )))

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