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Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 08:00:39 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Friends of Oaklandish - -

First thing: get your butts down to see the Vaughn & Mark Bode Show while you still can. It's beautiful.

Secondly, we're not so pleased to announce: two weeks from today (August 31) will be the last day of operations for the Oaklandish Gallery. Yes, after a long and winding journey: the gallery is closing.

Why? Well, I'm going to write a Noir/Pulp Novel about that someday, the tale is so truly fantastic! For now, we'll just say that we were unwittingly leased a space with code-issues beyond our control. Unfortunately, it took over 8 weeks and thousands of dollars & hours to find that out exactly.

Thirdly: we'll be back - - so stay tuned! For those of you who have followed the Oaklandish movement since it's inception you know it is absolutely irrepressible.

So, go down to the space while you can and soak up the Original Oakland Charm, because in September it'll be gone. Pick up a hoody, peruse the local love books & videos, or make a donation toward our future incarnations ('cuz plans are in the works!).

A very special thanks to all those who have shown us support and appreciation over the past couple months. It means a lot.
Back to the Underground!
Bobby Peru & the Crew
peru [at] oaklandish.org
411 2nd Street
(between Broadway & Franklin)
Oakland, CA 94607
Open In August: Noon - 6pm, Tuesday - Saturday
(Just two more weeks!)

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