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11/23/04 {{pre-holiday edition}}
HYPERLINK http://www.oaklandish.org http://www.oaklandish.org 
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Hello Again Fellow Oaklandians -
It's Bobby Peru, back in action. Oh man! There is just so much musical
creativity going on in the O right now! Here's what's on my radar:
'Been schooled yet by the Oaktucky Institute of Technology? HYPERLINK
http://otit.org/ http://otit.org/
UnkleFun is the madd scientist behind this exploration into the
country-flavor of Oakland (hence the name "Oaktucky"). They even have their
own drink!! (Yo, Jacque, put the recipe on the website!) But, YOU MUST check
out the song "Boogie Wig" on this page: HYPERLINK
http://otit.org/music1.html http://otit.org/music1.html (featuring Unkle
Fun/Mr Bagoo/Paris King). That's the real reason I'm sending this naked
unabashed shout-out. It's a few years old, and still smokin' hot. (Hint:
he's talkin' bout your pubes!) 
While you're there, check "Pimp Motivational" too...
Inspector Double Negative and the Equal Positives have just opened their
online store! These cats have been reppin' that East Bay attitude and
rockin' shows globally for more than a decade, and now it's time for you to
understand... because Kool Kyle and the whole Bay Area Arts Collective have
finally made all the legendary east bay hip hop flavor available online! You
can listen to any track stream for *free*, or download it for only a buck.
Go here: HYPERLINK http://www.koolkyle.com/store.php
Zion-I are too good for this, but anyway, these Oakland Heavies need your
vote at HYPERLINK http://www.mtv.com/onair/mtv2/dew_circuit_breakout/vote/
Either they're making this up or I'm just totally old. MTV Claims the Yay
Area is all about the "Hyphey" (which is "Crunk, Northern California Style")
Article here: HYPERLINK http://www.mtv.com/bands/h/hypy/news_feature_110804/
ON THE FREE TIP: you should stop by Oaklandish Galleries to see the Dynasty
Show of local aerosol pieces by Refa One, KTD, FSC, and other veterans of
the game, all doing work for over twenty years. peep it: HYPERLINK
http://www.oaklandish.org/back.jpg http://www.oaklandish.org/back.jpg
ON THE COMMERCIAL TIP: the Oaklandish Online Store is back open, and we are
getting a ton of stock in all colors and sizes at the gallery, just in time
for the holidays! With any luck, we'll have it all in the store by this
Friday (the biggest day of retail bla bla bla). Anyway: if you've been
looking for that certain color or style: this year we'll finally be able to
meet the demand! We encourage you to come to the store for immediate retail
gratification, OR if you place an order online within the next two weeks we
can be certain that your item is delivered before those magical holidays!!!
Yeh. HYPERLINK http://www.oaklandish.org/shop.html
I'm glad I got that off my chest.

((( in stereo )))
Bobby Peru

411 2nd Street
Oakland, CA 94607
HYPERLINK http://www.oaklandish.org http://www.oaklandish.org

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